Insightrainer Creatrainer

a modular set of creative skills workshops for

non formal educators in youth work

that leads to a product jam - where new educational tools are designed

Creative Workshops and a Product Jam

Here is a selection of different creative workshops. Based on the needs and priorities of your organisation and target group, it is possible to identify which ones would be best to run with you. 

Participants who attend one or more of the workshops are invited to apply for what we call a ' product jam'. This is where participants are faced with a 48-hour challenge to combine their creative skill and design educational tools for the identified field. Click here for more information on the process design and theme selection. 

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Insight for understanding, creativity for expression

Trainers inspire. Inspiration needs insight.


Trainers in the youth field have the role to inspire for creativity and innovation while designing learning opportunities for youth, young people and other trainers. Although a wide variety of tools and methods exist in the non-formal education field, the challenge to be competent in designing tools and methods that are appropriate to a specific topic and group remains the same. So it is worth investing in the skill development of trainers to increase the quality and innovative aspects of the work that they deliver. 


Trainers design. Meaningful design needs skills.


Trainers in the youth field in Europe mostly work as freelancers and design educational experiences based on the learners' needs in focus. They also often provide their skills in other educational fields than youth field; like schools, civil society organisations and also in the private sector. Some also initiate their own companies. In a wider educational field where non-formal trainers actually have a lot to offer, it is worth investing in the skill development of trainers to increase their effect within and beyond the youth field.

Research: 'What helps trainers learn?

All activities of the Insightrainer Creatrainer process are accompanied by an experienced researcher with the key research question ‘what helps facilitate trainers to gain and implement new skills?’

The research provides lots to consider on an ongoing basis: providing a feedback loop throughout; sharpening the documentation process; and supporting participants' conscious learning process.

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Insightrainer Creatrainer has been funded by the Turkish National Agency of the Erasmus + youth programme of the European Commission during 2016-2018.